VWM Series Vertical Wall Cabinet

Introducing the equipment mounting platform that will change the way you design your systems. The VWM Series is the industry’s highest capacity and most versatile low profile wall cabinet, with comprehensive flexibility to fit system needs today and as technology changes. This patent-pending design features multiple planes of vertical mounting, it allows deeper equipment to be mounted parallel to the wall and is the first low profile cabinet to offer intuitive mounting for small devices. VWM cabinets are ideal for small to medium networking, surveillance and monitoring, distributed audio and paging systems. Select one of our pre-configured models or tailor a VWM cabinet to order for the specific needs of the application.



  preconfiguredvwm_wallcabinet   Flexible Options & Accessories




VWM Series Vertical Wall Cabinet Features

  • Configurable platform maximizes space and expertly handles the highest density of components of any vertical wall cabinet in the industry
  • Unmatched component mounting flexibility to tailor the cabinet for the needs of the system. Includes modular options for mounting equipment of all sizes and form factors:
    • Rackrail – select the rackrail that best addresses the rackmount equipment specified for the system: fixed and pivoting rackrail options are available in varying heights. Each piece of rail features both 10-32 thread and cage nut. Mount the rail where it’s needed in any of the flexible position spaces within the unique backpan design.
    • Lever Lock™ – outfit the VWM with Lever Lock to mount small devices like extenders, power supplies, electronic door lock controllers and compact power solutions in the cabinet’s backpan or door
    • Backpans available in various overall depths (10” or 16”) and overall heights (36” and 42”)
  • Future-proof solution enables the cabinet to adapt with the system, with interchangeable options that accommodate rapidly changing technology
  • Designed for the systems approach to ensure uptime and reliability: supports thermal management, cable integrity, power distribution and maximizing space while providing a secure location for components of all sizes in an all-in-one system.
  • Unmatched certifications to meet the most safety requirements in the widest range of areas than any other vertical wall cabinet
  • Two door options to enable the desired level of system security. Both accommodate electronic locks  and integrators can determine the client’s level of access to the system:
    • Split door enables end user access to controls and features a locking angled plexiglass top for installations where visibility is desired or solid top for those where it should be restricted
    • Solid door prevents any user access or visibility
  • Design the VWM cabinet to the needs of the specific job or application with our online Configurator.  It allows repeatability which is ideal for roll outs and produces a custom part number that protects the integrator’s time and investment
  • Available in black, white and putty finish

VWM Series Vertical Wall Cabinet Resources


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