6ft DisplayPort(TM) Male to HD Male Adapter Cable - Black
6ft DisplayPort(TM) Male to HD Male Adapter Cable - Black
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Listing Agencies/Third Party Certifications
RoHS: Yes
Height (US): 6
Width (US): 1
Cord Information
Cord Length US: 6
This product meets the material restrictions of Article 4 of the RoHS Directive (2011/65/EU), including Commission Delegated Directive 2015/863.
[*]Download a PDF with the technical specifications of this product on the Support tab [H]Electrical Specifications[/H]: [*]Voltage Rating: 30v [*]Conductor Resistance: @ 20°C max [*]Insulation Resistance: 10M#/km [*]Time Delay: 5.2ns/m (max) [*]Attenuation: 5.02dB@100-450MHz 7.69dB@1GHz 12.595dB@2GHz 17.495dB@3GHz 22.395dB@4GHz 27.295dB@5GHz 32.195dB@6GHz 37.095dB@7GHz [H]Physical Specifications:[/H] [*]Operating Temperature: 0°C to 50°C [*]Storage Temperature: -25°C to 70°C [*]Approvals: CE [*]Warranty: Lifetime [B]Conductor (2 Conductors, 5 Pair):[/B] [*]Conductor: 30AWG (7/0.1TC) [*]Insulation: FM-PE, ID:0.8±0.05mm [*]Color: White/Brown, White/Red, White/Orange, White/Green White/Blue [*]Drain: 30AWG (7/0.1TC) HD-PE ID:0.56±0.05 [*]Shield: AL-Mylar Wrap Coverage—100% [B]Conductor (5 Conductors):[/B] [*]Conductor: 30AWG (7/0.1TC) [*]Insulation: HD-PE, ID:0.56±0.05mm [*]Color: Red/Orange/Yellow/Green/ White [B]Overall Cable[/B] [*]Jacket: PVC [*]Shield: AL-Mylar—Coverage 100% Braid—16/9/0.12 [*]Drain: 2:30AWG (7/0.08 BC) [*]OD: 6.5±0.2