Controlled Wall Plate

The Controlled Wall Plate provides electricity and power switching capabilities to devices for simplified control from a convenient location. Ideal for powered loudspeakers, the Controlled Wall Plate delivers exceptional value without the complexity and expense of breaker panels or multiple high/low voltage boxes.  With the unique design of low voltage, integrated contact connections located at the rear, the Controlled Wall Plate offers an aesthetically-pleasing, robust, and secure solution. The internal power supply ensures no reliance on external input voltage. The compact, single gang form factor fits standard wall or floor boxes or within a partitioned, multi-use box. Additionally, at an attractive price point, this solution delivers a simplified way to control lights, displays, projectors and other devices.

*Compliant with 2014 NEC, CA Title 24 - 2013, and ASHRAE 90.1 - 2010, 2013.

A&E Technical Specifications
Controlled Wall Plate 96_01230_Spec