BGR SA Series, 23" Wide Enclosure

This is the “Next Generation” Rack you have been wanting! Choose a BGR enclosure for the most space efficiency and strength available, plus the latest options for installation flexibility.  This stand-alone version includes fixed vented side panels. 

BGR series rack enclosures have higher weight capacities, provide more usable rackspace, and incorporate more functionality than any other rack system on the market Our revolutionary patent-pending Lever Lock™ system gives you tool free installation of cable management accessories. New options include brush grommet rear doors and problem-solving extender bays.

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Product Environmental Profile
Middle Atlantic Products® Gangable Floor Standing Enclosures Product Environmental Profile
OSHPD - BGR Series
Seismic Doc
BGR-SA Series Seismic Certification
A&E Technical Specifications
BGR-SA Series Rack Spec
Revit Models
BGR-SA Series
CAD Technical Specification Drawings
BGR-SA Series CAD Drawing
3-Part CSI MasterFormat Spec
BGR-SA Series 96_01153_3 Part Spec