VWM Series Pre-Configured Wall Cabinets

VWM Series Wall Cabinets are available in a variety of pre-configured models for a simple solution that maximizes space and expertly handles the highest density of components of any vertical wall cabinet in the industry. No further configuration is necessary as each model includes a unique, patent pending design that boasts flexible position spaces for the included rackrail, multiple knockouts, electrical box, and different levels of user access depending on the model. The pre-configured VWM Series Wall Cabinets also can be customized to support additional small device mounting within the cabinet and/or on the door, thermal management, cable integrity, and power distribution for a systems approach that ensures uptime and reliability. When deciding what pre-configured wall cabinet to choose, consider the level of access required for users, the number and type of components that will be supported within the cabinet as well as the color that will best suit the space.

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