L5 Series, Lecterns

The L5 Series Lectern accentuates the latest trends in room aesthetics with stylish designs and finishing options, but is built around the rack you trust. The offering boasts optional drawers for storage and/or housing a document camera with desired side placement flexibility or choice of a flip up shelf for extra surface space. The lectern frame is stocked and ready to ship for immediate integration while the finishing kit is manufactured just as you specified it. The simplified ordering process allows you to design the lectern with the details to make it truly custom or choose from one of our pre-configured models.

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L5 Series, Lecterns Features

  • Built around the rack you trust and designed to support small device mounting, thermal and cable management, and power distribution for ultimate system reliability
  • Attractive styles, finishes and color options reflect current design trends
    • Klasik and Sota styles to match the best design aesthetic for your project
    • Veneer, high-pressure laminate (HPL) and thermolaminate finishing options
    • 60+ colors to match any color scheme with the additional option for custom color matching
  • Available in 3 sizes (23”, 33”, and 43”) to meet the needs of any system size
  • Configurable frame tops that accommodate a table box in the flat models and touch screen cutout in the turret models
  • Optional storage designed to accommodate the most popular document cameras and/or small devices
  • Durable, no-pinch flip up shelf is available to add extra surface space
  • Frames are in stock guaranteeing quick delivery while allowing the integrator to immediately start the installation
  • Investment protection with the capability to individually replace damaged panels or refinish the entire outer shell to match changing décor without removing equipment

L5 Series, Lecterns Resources

Instruction Sheet

L5 Series Instruction Sheet PDF (22.7 MB)


MAP Furniture Return Policy PDF (291.7 KB)