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racklink imgIntelligent power solutions are not created equal. The features, the circuitry, the security and the form factors become key in selecting the platform that meets your AV system needs. Middle Atlantic was one of the first movers in this space- launching it’s first generation RackLink in 2011.

Commitment to smart power platforms can’t be a hobby.

It’s a continuous investment in the infrastructure to support ever-evolving AV systems and protect the integrity of your clientele’s network. Now on it’s third generation, RackLink™ offers the best of the best.

With every generation and hardware release, we're combining sizes and features to meet unique applications. Explore the features & capabilities of RackLink™ below then select the PDU that give you just what you need to support your installation. 

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Interface & Control

It’s no secret digital devices freeze. So often the solution is simply a hard power reset. With RackLink™ you’re able to remotely turn an outlet on and off from your mobile device or laptop- manually or scheduled!Don't worry about "rolling a truck" for simple equipment fixes. RackLink™ has comprehensive control options for proactive system management and restoration if equipment issues occur.


Logging & Data Management

Your AV System is a living organism. Consider the power as the nervous system to your design. RackLink™ allows for continuous monitoring and logging of all power and environmental events within your system providing foundational data to support your managed services model.


Environmental Control

The longevity of your AV System so often hinges on elements outside of your control – heat & humidity. Get control. Leverage RackLink’s™ dry contact control & sensors to set “if, then” controls that will automatically maintain your desired eco-system- alerting you remotely of anomalies.



AV system protection goes beyond surges and spikes. Noise & undervoltage can be just as damaging. PDUs with RackLink™ are available with either 2-stage (MOV) or patented Series Protection™. Learn more about the difference here.

RackLink™ Partnerships


Control RackLink PDUs with your Crestron® Control Systems via our free Crestron® Certified Module.

Crestron® Certified Modules available for Premium+ and Select Series PDUs with RackLink™.

AVI-SPL Symphony

Find our RackLink™ enabled power products in the Symphony Adapter Marketplace and control/monitor your AV systems’ power via the Symphony platform.

AMX® by Harman

Control RackLink PDUs with your AMX® Control Systems via our free AMX® Module.

AMX® Modules available for Premium+ and Select Series PDUs with RackLink™.

Get Intelligent Power Where You Need It




Download the Racklink Selection Guide


The 1RU horizontal PDU is our most traditional form factor providing regular visibility to outlet status and diagnostic screens for maximum accessibility.


You no longer need to occupy an RU to provide intelligent power throughout your AV System. Vertical PDUs with RackLink™ deliver outlets where you need them – top to bottom.


Get intelligence where you need it most in our compact, zero RU unit. Perfect for dense systems or where space is a premium like behind digital signage or within lecterns.

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Select Series

Log 10-15 events with basic password protection; available in all form factors including vertical.

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Premium+ Series

Capture individual outlet power data with maximum security & more environmental controls. 

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