VWM Series Flexible Options & Accessories

VWM Series Vertical Wall Cabinet



From small device mounting to brush grommets that enable wiring and patching to stay put when servicing and upgrading the system, VWM Series is the vertical wall cabinet that offers the precise configuration capability that evolving systems require.


VWM Series cabinets can be outfitted for the precise rackmounting needs of the system with pivoting or fixed rackrail. With multiple RU options available, all rackrail features both 10-32 thread and cage nut to accommodate varying mounting needs.
Fixed Rail
Choose for: "Knobs up vertical equipment mounting."
Pivoting Rail
Choose for: Patch panel mounting & other components requiring rear access to connections.
Rackrail options that fit in both 10” and 16” depth models: VWM-RR-2, VWM-RR-4, VWM-RR-5, VWM-RR-PIV-2, VWM-RR-PIV-4. Rackrail options that fit only 16” depth models: VWM-RR-6, VWM-RR-8.


Every VWM series cabinet is capable of expert small device mounting when Lever Lock accessories are specified. Add a Lever Lock Backpan Kit for use in the area of the cabinet closest to the surface of the wall (includes bracket and 6” Lever Lock plate). Add a Lever Lock Front Door Kit to locate small devices within the plane of the door (includes unique door bracket and 10” Lever Lock plate).
Back Pan Kit
Ideal for small device mounting directly against the wall. Ships with one 6" Lever Lock plate
Door Bracket
Ideal for small device mounting directly on a VWM cabinet door, ships with one 10" Lever Lock plate.
LL-VWM-36SP Front Door Kits fit 36” VWM cabinets with a split door. LL-VWM-36S-42SP Front Door Kits fit 36” VWM cabinets with a split door and 42” VWM cabinets with a solid door. LL-VWM-42S Front Door Kits fit 42” VWM cabinets with a solid door. LL-VWM-BPK Back Pan Kits fit all VWM sizes. Explore all Lever Lock™ accessories.
Brush Grommet Kit
Maintain existing wiring when upgrading the system. Ideal for use with patch panels.